Sunday, January 10, 2010


Mr & Mrs Banks, Mr & Mrs Murphy. Good Shot - Good job Steve.

Steve and I actually went SLEDDING. It was beautiful! And Fun. Below- Ian enjoying his sledding days.

Amanda and Tyler (yes, it was snowing)have apparently lovingly come to be known as the unit Tymanda! I guess it's just easier that way! How cute is that?

Christmas was really a blast! We took a week-long trip to Salt Lake City. While we were there, we had so much fun!! Amanda got married to Tyler Banks - a cutie-pie, Mom had her 89th birthday and is still doing great - And WE HAD CHRISTMAS TOGETHER. That doesn't happen very often! Here are a few pictures. On the way home we also got to stop in Mesa at Steve's parents and have a mini-Christmas with his parents, sisters and family! We had a great time and
thank everyone for their great gifts!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving was Awesome!!!!

Jessica & Brandon Little (Steve's Daughter, mine now too - & Son In Law (mine too too!!!)
They supplied the yummy sweet potatoes or are they technically YAMS? - Man, those were good!!!
Owen & Noah had fun playing with all the little cars - did they notice the food? Naw!!!

Aaron, Emily(thanks for the M&Ms Emily, they are ALWAYS A HIT) & Erin

Sean, Loren & Vicki - Thanks to Sean & Erin for the pop... Loren for the giant bowl of mashed potatoes, & Vicki for the yummy desserts!!!

Ok, There's a lot to catch up on. So sorry I've been so bad at updating this blog. You probably gave up on me, but there is some measure of hope to be had here!!!

Here are a few pix of Thanksgiving. Didn't take many tho. We had a good time together and enjoyed eachother's company (at least I did!!!)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Awesome Family

Of Course there's ME! (This is at Luna Lake, again a lovely spot to camp!)
Steve & Derek fishing (no fish were actually harmed during the picture taking, nor at anytime during the campout)!!!
Ian just hanging out being himself. He actually was pretty amazing with the wrist-rocket, or is that wrist-wrocket (never to be confused with sling-shot , or is it shling-shot? I don't know, you figure it OUT!
Can't believe Loren will be 20 tomorrow. Am I feeling old or what??? We had a little family get-together at Erin & Sean's house (just a small deal cause we were already there helping paint). Sean had the fore-thought to surprise her with a prescious replacement of a long lost gift. This was none other than the video "The Magic Pony" which I had donated to the Bonner's Ferry library when Loren was young. She has been crying over my hasty decision ever since. Now all wrongs are made right (or is that wright?)! Thanks Sean & Erin, and once again, Sorry Loren for giving it away in the first place!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This and That!!

Hi everyone!!! Just a few updates & photos you may not have seen yet.

Ian also had so much fun on the trampolene this summer. He learned to do a front flip and about a zillion more tricks. It's been a great summer

Ian got to go to Boy Scout camp for a week (yes 7 days) this summer. He had a blast and of course came home FILTHY. The cost was $350 and the boys earned the money by contracting with local residents to put up flags on 6 holidays throughout the year for $25/contract. Ian had his $ in no time flat. Good job IAN!

Ian started MIDDLE SCHOOL today. Wow, 7th grade is hard for me to swallow. He will be home soon and I'll inform everyone how he did.

Loren and I made a mad dash to Tucson yesterday to take the Focus to Sean and Erin. Apparently Sean's car (elmo) died yesterday and he is going to buy the Focus from Loren. Lucky for her cause no one wants to buy it cause it's a salvage title. She thought she liked it when she got it, but I think after driving a beemer since she was 16, there may be NO stepping down anytime soon unless she's forced. We had a great trip and got to blab, blab, blab on the way home. We had a quick stop to visit Vicki, Owen & Noah. What a cute family!!!

Love, Chris & Steve

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Latest News and Information

Ian & Derek in the canoe.

Steve & I at the Catwalk, Ian (deadeye) with the slingshot! Max enjoying himself at the lake.

The guys getting ready to fish.

Our Campsite

Went camping last week. We were gone from 25th July to 31st. We went to Luna Lake which is near Alpine AZ. It is beautiful and we had a great time. We took Ian's friend Derek Solomon and Max. I'll include some pictures of it all. We went to a place called Catwalk. It is a georgeous hike and not far from here. I fell and hurt myself, but am now mostly fine. On the way home, we visited the Mogollion ghost (old mining) town up a steep mountain (with the trailer) It was lovely and we had a nice lunch there. The whole vacation was absolutely wonderful!
So enjoy our pix of our camping vacation.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's happening?

Yesterday, we had a huge wind/dust storm. There was lightning, thunder WIND, DUST, and almost NO rain!!!. Look at my tree :( My little back yard was so cute, lush and shady. This is not the first time this tree has broken though, we may just have to cut it down altogether.

Also, recently, we did a special birthday limo run for the Mia Maids. It was Victoria's birthday and we wanted to celebrate in style. I think the girls had fun (I know I did). I love my Mia Maids!!!!

That's the LATEST NEWS!